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  • Infographic: Your social media video cheat sheet 19 août 2019
    What does your audience want from video content on each of the major social media platforms? This infographic can help guide your strategy. Some audiences are more likely to use one platform than another—which means each social media site has a unique user base with specific wants. Content marketers and social media managers must know […]
    Ted Kitterman
  • How your social media can help recruit talented team members 19 août 2019
    How you find new employees and engage with your wider community is moving on to social media channels—and that means PR pros should be involved in the process. Does it feel like everyone’s trying to hire from a shrinking pool of talent right now? There’s a good reason. As of April, there were 1.6 million […]
    Ted Kitterman
  • Only an AP style superstar would know these rules 19 août 2019
    Join Grammar Girl for this in-depth webinar and upgrade your knowledge of tricky new rules. As a writer, you’re held to higher standards than everyone else when it comes to grammar and AP style use. You’re expected to be the expert on the guide’s many rules and the exceptions to them—and keep up with yearly […]
    John Cowan
  • Why CEOs botch media interviews—and ways you can help them 19 août 2019
    Communication often is not the primary fuel rocketing a professional to the top-floor corner office, so thoughtful preparation is essential. Consider these five common liabilities.   It seems not a week goes by that we don’t hear of one CEO or another taking heat for something they’ve said.  With all the business acumen many have demonstrated […]
    Maggie Smith
  • Novartis’ crisis response missteps, Target’s one-stop-shopping formula, and Twitter’s private message filter 19 août 2019
    Also: WW’s bid to slim down youngsters, America’s fluctuating back-to-school timeline, PR pros’ thirst for learning, a funeral for a glacier, and more. Good morning, PR pros: Scientists and citizens in Iceland are mourning the death of a glacier—the first moving sheet of ice to officially succumb to global climate change. Observers hiked two hours […]
    Ted Kitterman

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