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  • Share your incredible internal comms—and workplaces 25 septembre 2020
    Enter Ragan’s Employee Communications Awards to showcase your impressive internal campaigns, content, projects, intranets, remote experiences and inspiring workplaces. The deadline is Friday, Oct. 23. The post Share your incredible internal comms—and workplaces appeared first on PR Daily.
    Brendan Gannon
  • United Airlines offers COVID-19 tests, Twitter to suggest a closer read before tweeting, and Kraft Canada offers pumpkin spice mac ‘n cheese 25 septembre 2020
    Also: Nike aims for half of its revenue to come from online sales, a humorous look at social media management through Bingo, Qantas offers up its retired drink carts, and more. Hello, communicators: Higher education social media manager Amber recently tweeted a humorous Bingo card to which community managers can relate: Social Media Manager Bingo: […]
    Ted Kitterman
  • 3 ways to select the right channel for your message 25 septembre 2020
    Walker Sands’ vice president of marketing shows that to effectively reach your audience in 2020, you must meet them where they are. As people continue to stay at home during COVID-19, they’re connecting and consuming information online in new ways—and more of it. However, as organizations struggle to grab attention as well as respond to […]
    Ted Kitterman
  • Don’t let these 4 obstacles undermine your comms audit 25 septembre 2020
    It’s an ideal time to assess the state of your communications. Here are some arguments to overcome common excuses to avoid investing in the process. Do you know the current state of your communications? Many organizations are long overdue for a comprehensive assessment, given the unprecedented disruptions of the global pandemic, its economic impact and […]
    Ted Kitterman
  • Why Zoom has changed the game for Montieth & Company 25 septembre 2020
    The videoconferencing tool has allowed managing partner Montieth Illingworth to connect with clients around the globe, push D&I efforts and boost employee morale. Zoom fatigue is real—but let’s not discount the benefits that have come with videoconferencing software amid the COVID-19 crisis. No matter how soon we find ourselves back in the office again, video […]
    Ted Kitterman

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