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  • Why and how to yield your social media account to employees 21 février 2020
    Follow the lead of GE Power and other organizations by temporarily turning over your online feeds to in-house brand advocates. Consumers will respond to the fresh voices and authenticity. Social media might conjure thoughts of hip, young influencers running an Instagram account for fashion brands. GE Power recently showed how an industrial company can obtain […]
    Mariah Michael
  • Share your social media journey for a chance to win $50 20 février 2020
    We’re conducting our first-ever Social Media Career Survey to learn more about how the technology has changed communicators’ career paths. Participants will get a copy of the results. If your job includes using social media in any way, we want to hear from you. This technology has become the biggest disrupter in communications—certainly in decades, […]
    Ted Kitterman
  • Infographic: 7 conversion goals for your website 20 février 2020
    Do you know what you should measure when it comes to optimizing your website? Here are some goals that might count as a conversion. For many content creators in digital media, the end game is all about converting visitors to customers. So, how do you know if the content on your website is having the […]
    Ted Kitterman
  • Ragan survey: Job satisfaction at 70%, salary satisfaction 54% 20 février 2020
    Pay for women lags. Satisfaction with salaries is so-so. These are among the findings in a comprehensive Ragan Salary & Workplace Culture Survey report. How do you stack up against your peers? Are communicators paid enough? Are they getting raises? How do salaries compare region to region? Ragan’s Salary & Workplace Culture Survey: 2020 Edition reveals disparities […]
    Russell Working
  • How CEO Quinn Collins runs her PR life 20 février 2020
    Juggling being a mom and PR entrepreneur can be a handful, but here’s how one PR pro manages to take it all in stride. Does running your own agency come with an early wake-up call? For Quinn Collins, founder of Collins + Co., that’s exactly what it means. She manages her team remotely, which means the […]
    Ted Kitterman

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